Reflecting on Lessons Learned From God, Work, and Good Ol’ Fishing

Dennis Blue: Author and Publisher

Whether you are a person of faith, a corporate employee, or someone who is looking to change careers or find a career after retirement, there are moments when you need some guidance in finding your purpose. Through my memoirs, Running the Good Race and Through the Eyes of a Fisherman, published by True Blue Author, I narrate the eventful moments of my life and reveal the valuable lessons I have learned along the way.

Ultimately, it is my sincerest wish that by reading my memoirs, you will discover a thing or two about pursuing your passions and overcoming whatever challenges come your way. Happy reading!

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Through my books, my goal has been to turn faith into reality. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. “I want you, the reader, to experience what my wife Dorothy and I affectionately call ‘Our Open Door Policy.’ God directed our lives through doors that He opened for us and turned our faith into our reality. Our story can be your story – if you let yourself be led through the open doors.”

About Me

Growing up on a farm, I learned religious values that have guided my life. After graduating from Michigan State University (BA/Economics), I joined the Ford Motor Company. There ensued 30 years of corporate work. My wife Dorothy and our children, Luanne and Dennis, lived around the world for fourteen of those years while I was assigned to Ford operations in Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. I retired from Ford in 1988 and almost immediately began my own charter business, True Blue Sport Fishing, guiding fishing expeditions throughout the US, and Central and South America. Dorothy and I are the grandparents of six and now live again in our native Michigan.

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