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About my Books

Running the Good Race and Through the Eyes of a Fisherman are adventures of faith that will inspire you to follow your dreams. My memoirs relate my early years growing up on my grandparents’ farm and how my life as a corporate executive and charter captain were my mission fields to witness to others about Christ.

Working With Ford and Traveling the World

In Running the Good Race read how Dennis Blue used his faith to,

  • Survived the tragic loss of Dorothy’s parents, John and Lucille Hacker, in a plane crash,
  • Flew as a missionary pilot in the Amazon bringing supplies to missionaries and Indians alike,
  • Discovered a Stone Age tribe in the dense jungles of the Amazon,
  • Negotiated a peaceful outcome to a violent labor strike in Venezuela,
  • Worked at the executive level to establish and reorganize Ford operations in the Asia-Pacific region and Ford operations in the US and
  • Let his personal relationship with Jesus guide his decisions.

My Passion for Fishing and Adventure

In Through the Eyes of a Fisherman read how Dennis Blue used his passion for fishing to,

  • Establish successful charter fishing businesses in Michigan and Florida,
  • Become a respected charter captain and fly-fishing instructor,
  • Guide clients and celebrities on fishing expeditions in the US, South and Central America, Mexico and the Bahamas,
  • Cruise his charter boat two-thousand miles from Michigan to the Bahamas to start a new fishing venture,
  • Use his personal faith and his fishing business as a ministry to witness to others about Christ.